Terms of Use (Apps)

Terms of use of the VR-Unit application


VR-Unit is developed under a research project and may not provide accurate acquisitions. The use of the data and analysis methods available are intended only to support the VR project research activities.

Privacy Policy Statement

What is the VR-Unit application?

VR-Unit is an application developed in the context of the VitalResponder (VR) research project (www.vitalresponder.pt). VR-Unit works in conjunction with remote services on the Internet, that are developed and maintained in the VR project. The use of VR-Unit is not intended for the general public and requires specific authorization and configuration.

What is used for?

VR-Unit is used to collect environmental data, location and physiological parameters of people in a mission (e.g.: firefighters). Once started, the VR-Unit services will connect to configured wireless sensors and start collecting data. All data acquisition sessions are previously agreed with the participants and consent forms filled-in, according to the R&D best practices and regulatory contexts.

Which data is beinG collected?

The data collected by the device depend on the configured sensors. The configuration view of the application allows defining which sensors to use. In most of the cases, VR-Unit will try to collect the location (GPS), gather ambiance data from a dedicated sensor box (humidity, temperature, altitude, pollutants in the air), and basic physiologic signals using a dedicated biosensor (heart rate, ECG).

How is the data used?

The data collected in each acquisition session is sent to the VR dedicated servers. The data can also be saved in the device on a temporary basis, until the connectivity to the backend servers becomes available, to upload the data.

The data collected by VR is aggregated in the dedicated VR servers and used in the development of the VR project research activities. The data is not sent to external parties or shared in any other way to entities outside the VR research team. The VR services are only accessible to the project partners.